Yuuichi Nakai
私が鉄道に魅了されたのは、まだ言葉もおぼつかない幼少の頃である。大きな鉄の塊が、轟音をたてて線路の上を疾走する姿に興奮をおぼえた。鉄道に興味が離れた時期もあったが、再び私はカメラを手にして、再び鉄道と向き合う様になった。幼い頃感じていた興奮とはちがう、心を揺さぶられる情景が日本の鉄道にはあった。 この度出品したのは、海沿いを走る鉄道風景だ。四方を海に囲まれた日本には、海との境を縁取るように線路が敷かれている場所がたくさんある。波の形や夕陽に輝く水面の色、二度と同じ表情を見せない海の景色の中を列車が通り過ぎる。そのほんの一瞬の光景はまさに一期一会だ。私はその瞬間に立ちあった時に感じる、痺れるような感動の虜となり、海辺の線路沿いでカメラを構え続けている。

When I was small boy I couldn’t speak words yet, I was attracted to the railroad. I was excited large lump of metal roaring and running on the railroad tracks. There was a time when I wasn’t interested in the railroad, but after a while, I met them again through the lens of camera. It was different atmosphere my impression when I was a boy, but my heart was moved the railroads of Japan.

I would like to show you the railroads run on the seaside in this exhibition. Japan is an island country surrounded by the sea on all sides there are many places where railroad tracks look like draw the line between sea and land. When you see train runs in the landscape of seaside, you are not able to see again the same shape of wave and the color the same expression come on the surface of the sea. It’s really one time, one meeting. I would be attracted by the fascinated moment and then, I keep going turn my camera to the railroad on the seaside.

  • 1995 Born in Osaka, Japan
  • 2018 Garaduated from Osaka University of Arts, Photography, B.F.A.
     “Seien-shining Railroad”, Fuji Photo Gallery, Osaka, Japan
  • 2018 Assistant of Photo Studio
    A Photographer of the Railman Photo Office Co. Ltd.
  • 2021 Appeared in the TV Program, NHK, Japan