Tesuro Kobayashi
小林 哲朗

Born in 1978, Amagasaki-city, Hyogo, Japan. He takes factories, huge structures, underground space and otherworldly in the neighborhood. And he takes portraits also and everything. Recently, he is focusing Drone aerial photography. He has published many books, articles for magazines. He talks photography of factories as a lecturer for meetings and events.


  • 2021 “See the factory in the Seto Inland Sea because it’s amazing”, the Amagasaki Castle
  • 2018 “Respective REAL”, A-lab., Amagasaki, Hyogo
  • 2018 “OVER LOOK”, Momomogura Gallery, Osaka
  • 2016 “Attractive Factories”, A-lab., Amagasaki, Hyogo
  • 2013 Factories along the Hanshin Railroad
島ひとつまるまる工場という、物語の舞台のような場所があると知り撮影に向かった。 島の全容を捉えるにはドローン空撮が必須。ドローンを離着陸する現場に行くまでに相当な時間と労力と精神力を使った。そうした中、空からの映像を見るとまさに異世界。瀬戸内海の、のんびりとした木々の生い茂る島の中にこのような機会島が浮いている様子に心を動かされた。少ない撮影チャンスだったが、この島の存在を確実に記録できた。

Island of machinery

I have visited to take the factory where is the Island whole. If you want to take picture the Island whole, you should take by drone. I have been spent more and more time and effort to find out the taking off and landing point to take drone photography.

I was deeply impressed the otherworldly landscape where was floating the Island overgrown with trees with the peaceful scenery in the Seto Inland Sea.